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Posted October 19, 2018 6:42 am
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Posted October 18, 2018 6:12 am
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Posted October 17, 2018 7:41 pm
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Posted October 17, 2018 9:42 am
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Posted October 16, 2018 1:33 pm
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Posted October 15, 2018 12:04 pm
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Posted October 15, 2018 12:03 pm
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Posted October 13, 2018 10:29 am
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Posted October 13, 2018 10:29 am
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Posted October 13, 2018 10:28 am
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Posted October 13, 2018 10:28 am
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Posted October 13, 2018 10:26 am
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Posted October 13, 2018 10:26 am
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Posted October 13, 2018 10:24 am
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Posted February 19, 2018 8:49 pm
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Origin of the name Bilboa?
Seeking to better understand the origin of the mountain/river name Bilboa. Please advise who I could approach for help in the area. Thank you.

Posted January 19, 2018 9:47 pm

Noreen Ryan Galvin

Im trying to find out where the o Briens of Croughafoile might be buried. Con o Brien died in 1900, son of Jimmy. He was married to a Card woman they had 4 daughters. Kate who took over the farm & married John Bourke from Foileen Tipperary. Any ideas would be welcome.I've tryed all the graveyards no luck. Thanks

Posted June 22, 2017 9:28 am

Steve Hurley

Hello people of Dún Bleisce ... my grandmother was Catherine FRANKLIN of Doon, born there in 1905. Her parents were Thomas Franklin and Catherine BUCKLEY; grandparents were George Franklin and Margaret POWER, and Patrick Buckley and Catherine QUINLAN.

I'll be visiting Doon in (early) August, 2017, and am hoping to learn much more about my family history and, hopefully, meet some relations. Any suggestions for exploring family history in Doon or connections to relations are welcome and will be greatly appreciated!

Steve Hurley

Posted June 6, 2017 5:26 pm
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My great great grandfather was henry rowles. Info. He was one of phoenix park invincibles and died in kilmainham jail. I would love some info as to where he was born and who his parents were.

Posted August 3, 2016 4:04 am

Marie Vaughan

Does anyone know if it is possible to see any records of the boarding pupils at the convent? My aunt and her cousin were there in 1941. Thanks to anyone who can help.

Posted August 2, 2016 8:04 am

Jill Innes

I'm hoping someone might have some information on John Dwyer, born 10 June 1776. Sent to Australia on Atlas II 1802 with Hugh Hayes, Denis Molloy, George Russel and Grimes Tierney. Think his mother might have been Margaret Dwyer who was mentioned in the Tithe Applotment Books of 1824.He had 5 sisters and 1 brother but no mention of a father.

Posted July 18, 2016 4:25 am

Rose Mary Victor

Looking for family of William Ryan 1818-1851, Foilycleara, Doon, Limerick, married to Catherine Shanahan in 1840. As a widow, Catherine Ryan 1818-1909 married Stephen Ryan 1819-1880 Foilycleara, Doon, Limerick, in 1853. Catherine had two boys, Daniel and William with William Ryan. She had
8 children with Stephen Ryan, all in Foilycleara, Doon, Limerick. Any help on finding out more on this family would be greatly appreciated.

Posted May 23, 2016 5:04 am
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Raymond Dickerson

For Kathy Finn...oleary714@gmail.com

Posted May 23, 2016 5:01 am
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Raymond Dickerson

For Kathy Finn...My mother, Mary O'Leary listed an address as follows...c/o Mrs. Nora Wheelan, Convent Road, Doon, Ireland.

Posted May 10, 2016 11:14 pm

Ann Lamb

Does this site have an administrator? I cannot find a way to contact anyone here, but I have a valuable document that I would like to contribute to the Genealogy section. Please contact me and I will send a short description or the whole document. Ann

Posted April 20, 2016 4:05 am

Phyllis Pearson

Hello, what a pleasure to find your site today. I had been looking for information about Doon and Oola, places where my husbands family lived.

They were the Pearsons of Cooga, the name of their farm. When in Ireland in 2000, and in Doon, we looked for where the family lived and met a gentleman named Michael 'the Chinaman O'connor' he took us to see the farm as he knew of the family and he told us that the Pearsons were know for their generosity.

Later, when hback in New Zealand, we learned that My husband had family at Rathkeale and Pallaskenry - that family were the Heavenors and they were Palatines.

My interest is trying to find my great grandmother's family. She was Alma Mary Elizabeth Bond b c1852/3.

I have read many of the really interesting articles, you have a great site.

Thank you and God bless you

Posted January 23, 2016 9:24 am

Kathy Finn

Hi, Looking for information on a Mary O'leary Convent Road, Doon. Mary would have been born around 1931 and was living in convent road in the 1940,s. Thanks

Posted January 17, 2016 3:32 pm
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Hi anyone know of a connection between doon and Bonnie doon in Australia.

Posted December 15, 2015 4:14 pm

Sandra Griffin

And.... If it helps, i found Ryan (Minors) in Oola, Co, Limerick and was told by a friend from Ireland that there is a townland in Kilmallock, co Limerick called Kilbreedy Minor, where the Ryan ( Minor) family may have got the nickname from, as there are lots of Ryans. Looking forward to any help, do you know these Ryans, I'd appreciate any help. Thankyou.

Posted December 15, 2015 3:42 pm


Hi. I have a interest in history and have relations from Cappamore, Co Limerick. I looked at a map of the area and found Doon and Cappamore are neighbouring parishes. My relation is Ryan (Minor) from south Doon and Killuragh in Cappamore. I have tried to research theyre family history, but can not find much about their history as the (Minor) nickname is not on official documents. ie Griffiths valuation. I found some info on the Ryan (Minors) in Killuragh as farmers and Michael Ryan (Minor) a republican in the Dromkeen ambush , but struggling before that. Was wondering if someone could help in any way. Thankyou, and i love the doonbleisce website and will appreciate any help. Thankyou.

Posted September 7, 2015 2:07 pm

Tossie Gough

DOON TOUR PJ MACK 2014: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFnSJNBPYT4SMZVYL5hrh-bGUX8d-nASK

Posted September 3, 2015 4:50 pm

john ryan

my name is john ryan and my family come from shanaclune or shanacloone or shanacloon near cappamore/doon i am trying o tace a catherine ryan clonganhue who had a son a priest james who put up a headstone for her in doon cemetry circa late 1800,s.we think her maiden name may also have been ryan from shanaclune born circa 1833 she may have married a ryan from clonganue i think near cappawhite .our nickname is ryan vora .

Posted March 10, 2015 2:55 am

Sheila Carroll

Family JOHN HAYES who Married MARGARET RYAN-----Lisowen, Doon
John Hayes WAS born old town Hospital Limerick and moved to Doon in the 1820s with a sister Mary
1. John Hayes --1827 BRANCH- A
2. Mary Hayes-- 1828 BRANCH- B
3. Michael Hayes--1831 BRANCH -C
4. Ellen Hayes --1833 BRANCH- D
5. Margaret Hayes--1835 BRANCH- E
6. Connor Hayes--1838 BRANCH- F
7. Hanora Hayes-- 1840 BRANCH -G
8. William Hayes-- 1843 BRANCH- H
(Branch A)
John Hayes (1826-1906) Lissowen m. 1851 to Mary English (1828-1908) from Lacka Doon Limerick 10 CHILDREN: (BRANCH 1-10)
BRANCH A1) MARY HAYES b.1852 may have married Thomas Morrissey (Toomaline doon, Limerick) may have gone to USA about 1880
BRANCH A2) JOHN HAYES 1853-1923 m. Alice Morrissey (Toomaline doon, Limerick)
Children: 10 Children - 8 living per 1911 census -
1) Mary Ann Hayes /Sr. Teresa b. 1879
2) Alice Hayes b. 1880 m. John Daly (Emly Tipp)
**1) John Daly b.1912 single banker (Dublin)
**2) Richard (Dick)Peter Daly MD-b.1914 m. ? (Cork)
A-----Stuart Daly
**3) Teresa Daly single
**4) Eleanor Daly b.1916 m. James Barry (BRUFF-)
A-----John Barry
B-----Alma (Elenor) Barry m ? Bennet
C-----Frankie Barry m ? Ward
D-----Robert John Barry m. Sarah Sue Stanhope
_______Mark Barry 1972
_______Guy William Barry -1975
_______Tristran James Barry 1975
**5) Tom Daly m Janet ?( kilkenny) lived Emly
A-----Richard Daly-- Kildare
B-----Jack Daly
3)Bridget Hayes/ Sr Stephen b.1881 to 1957
4)Ellen Hayes b.1882-1883
5)Fr. John Peter Hayes b.1883
6)Thomas Hayes 1885 m. Louisa Haier of (kilrush, clare)
**1) Alice Hayes m. McENIRONS? DUBLIN
**2) John Hayes d.1994 m. Kathleen Maher (main st doon)
**3) Sr. Mary Hayes ( waterford) died 2000
**4) Noonie Hayes m. Jerry Moore (main st Doon Limerick)
A-------Anna Moore (Doon)
7)Sarah Hayes/ Sr. Dominic b.1886 -1970
8) Johanna Hayes/ Sr. Albert b.1888- 1953
9) Michael Hayes b.1889 ( not alive in 1911)
10 )Cornelius Hayes b.1891-1954 m. Christina Mary McGrath b.1893-1944 Dromkeen Limerick : 9 Children
**1) John Hayes 1920 -1980 (Mount Rivers House Newport Tipperary) m. Agnas Ryan b. 1918-2007 of Ballyadam, Pallasgreen
A-----Geraldine Hayes
B-----Imelda Hayes m. Patrick Glynn
_______Ciara Glynn
_______Huygen Glynn
C-----Rita Hayes
D-----Tess Hayes m. Dennis Cronin
_______Edel Cronin
_______Fiona Cronin
**2) Bridget Hayes 1921-1986 m. Thomas Hickie b.1906-1986 (Mt. Sion , Pallasgrean Limerick)
A-----John Hickie m Gillian Drennan ( Mt Sion, Pallasgrean Limerick)
_______Garret Hickie
_______Owen Hickie
**3) Thomas (TODDY) Hayes 1922-2004 (Oola, England & kilteely)
**4) Patrick ( Pakie) Hayes (Dromkeen) 1923-1993 m. Teresa Corbett b.1929-1991
A------Christina Hayes m. Patrick Carolan (Kinsale, Cork Ire)
______Aoife Carolan m. Brian Hayes
______Elain Carolan
B------Nelius Hayes m. Miriam Mannion ( Knockainy Stud, Hospital Limerick)
______Sarah Hayes
______Patrick Hayes
______Kate Hayes
C-----Margaret Hayes (Dromkeen, Limerick Ire)
D-----Maura Hayes m. Peter Bachmeyer (Germany)
______Christine Bachmeyer (Germany)
______Leonie Bachmeyer (Germany )
E-----Noreen Hayes (Limerick, Ireland)
F-----Teri Hayes m. Stephen Mandel (Dublin, Ireland)
_______Alex Mandel
_______Leo Mandel
**5) Cecilia Sara Hayes 1927 m. Laurence Carroll (Carhue Tipp) 1922-2003 (New York USA)
A-----Patrick Carroll (New York USA)
B-----Sheila Carroll (New York, USA)
C-----Maureen Carroll (New Jersey, USA)
**6) Teresa Anna Hayes 1930- m. Richard O'Carroll d.1993 Kilteely Limerick
A-----Noel O'Carroll m. Mai Buckley (UK)
_______Richard O'Carroll
_______Niamh O'Carroll
_______Maria O'Carroll
B-----Gerard O'Carroll m. Marie Dwane ( Kilteely, Limerick )
_______Richie O'Carroll
_______Sinead O'Carroll
_______Aine O'Carroll
**7) Albert Cornelius Hayes 1932-1995 m. Clem Mann (Australia)
A-----Tina Hayes d.2003 m. Dave Conybeare
_______Siobhan Conybeare
_______Lilly Conybeare
B-----Helen Hayes m. Malcolm Smith (Broulee, Australia)
_______Samantha Smith b.1993
_______Emma Smith b. 1996
_______Liam Smith
**8) Rita Nora Hayes b.1936 m. Thomas Murphy of Longford -- (New York USA)
A-----Geraldine Murphy m. Bob Kelley (New York, USA)
_______Kevin Kelley
_______Brian Kelley
_______Madison Kelley
B-----Patrick Murphy m. Maureen Shelley (Chicago, USA)
_______Mary-Ellen Murphy
_______Patrick Murphy
C-----Thomas Murphy m. Terry H (New York, USA)
_______Christine Murphy
_______Kiya Murphy
D-----Marion Murphy m. Keith Blazer (North Carolina, USA)
_______Keith Blazer
_______Meagan Blazer
_______Jack Blazer
_______Ryan Blazer
**9) Infant 1936 died at birth
BRANCH A3) MICHAEL HAYES 1856-1920 m Elizabeth Shinnors b.1866
)Tubber, Murroe)
1) Con Hayes m. Bridget Ryan (Dromsally, limerick)
2) Mary Hayes (Tubber Murroe limerick)
3) William (JOE) Hayes m. Annie Keane (b. Templebraden Limerick)
**1) Michael Hayes -- Old Palas Limerick
4) John Hayes 1897-1968 m. Mary Blackwell 1912-1992
**1) Teresa Tessie Hayes 1939-1999 m. Roland Dyson Kent England
**2) Seamus /James Hayes b.1940 m.Frances Doran (westmeath)
**3) Patricia Hayes 1942-2000 (England)
**4) Michael hayes 1943 m. Marie O'Malley ( Dromsally Limerick)
A-----Carmel Hayes
B-----Mike Hayes
C-----Rosemary Hayes
D-----Thomas Hayes
E-----John Hayes m. Fiona Steed
_______Rosin Hayes
_______Sally Hayes
**5) Sean john Hayes b.1944 m Margaret Seymour (Australia )
**6) Thomas( Noel ) Hayes b.1946 (Australia )
**7) Albert Hayes 1948-1948 (infant died)
**8) Liam /william Hayes b.1949 (Australia )
**9) Daniel Hayes b.1950 (Australia )
**10) Josephine Hayes b.1952 (Australia )
**11) Elizabeth(Lizzy) Hayes b.1968- m. Edward Flannery
5) Fr. Michael Hayes 1899-1982 (Minnesota, USA)
BRANCH A4) Cornelius Hayes 1858-1881 drowned in New York
BRANCH A5) Margaret Hayes 1860 **** NO DATA****
BRANCH A6) Thomas Hayes 1863-1951m. Margaret Doherty 1873 to 1960
1) Con Hayes b 1911 died 1972 m. Bridget Conners
**1) Margaret Hayes m Shay Claffey( phifdtore)
**2) Tom Hayes m Helen Keane ( lisowen )
**3) Kathleen Hayes m John Clancey?
**4) Mary Teresa Hayes m. John Lenihan ( Ballingarry Limerick)
**5) Helen Hayes m Donel Quinn ( Silvermines Tipp)
**6) Gerard Hayes single ( Lisowen )
**7) Breda Hayes m John Berkery ( Cappamore Limerick)
2) Rev. John J Hayes 1910-1974 (Calif USA )
3) Denis Hayes b. 1912 -d 1914 Lisowen
4) Maizie /Mary Hayes 1913 to1994 m. Jack Leamy
**1) Anne Leamy m Philip Ryan (Ballycahill Thurles)
**2) Kathleen Leamy m. Tom Ryan d.1985 (Bilboa, Capamore)
A-----Rosemary Ryan b.1975 m Tom Carey
B-----PJ Ryan
C-----John Ryan
D-----Dympha Ryan
E-----Catherine Ryan
F-----Bridget Ryan
**3) Liam Leamy b.1946 (london)
**4) Margaret Leamy 1948 - 2014 (monard, limerick)
**5) Mary Teresa Leamy 1950 - 1979 (monard, limerick)
**6) Bridget Leamy b.1952 m. Austin Devlin ( White Hall Dublin)
**7) Tommy Leamy b. 1956 single (Monard, Limerick)
5) Michael Hayes b. 1916- d.1986
6) Patrick Hayes 1918-2002 m. Josephine Dwyer Dromkeen, limerick
**1) Margaret Hayes ...single (Dromkeen, Limerick )
**2) James (JIM) Hayes b.1964 single (Dromkeen, Limerick)
BRANCH A7) William Hayes 1863-1883
Apprentice tailor cannocks ( died age 20)
BRANCH A8) Jerimiah Jerry Hayes 1867-1929 m. ? Sheehy (Waterford City)
spent most of his life in Cavan
1) Jack Joe Hayes died about 1959 m. Mary McQuill ( Preston England)
**1) Terry Hayes (son) buried doon 1923-1924
BRANCH A9) Bryan Hayes 1868-1942 m. Sarah Quinlan 1866-1939 Doon
1) John Hayes d.1979 m.Peg Carey
**1) Brian Hayes
**2) Martin Hayes
**3) Mary Hayes m. John McGowan
**4) Sylda Hayes m? Lanford
A------Cormac Lanford
2) William Hayes -d.1965 - m. Stasia Hickey (Boher)
3) Mary Hayes m. James O'Carroll 1896-1971 doon moved to (Dublin)
**1) Vera O'Carroll m.Fred Deighan (NYC-USA)
A-----Mary Deighan m. Moran
B-----Veronica Deighan m. Steven Menella
C-----Carol Deighan 1 boy 2 girls
**3) Brian O'Carroll m. Saltonski
A-----Lynn O'Carroll m. Pierre Beautu
________Carolyn Buteau
________James Patrick Buteau
**4) Michael O'Carroll --(New York USA)
**5) Seamus O'Carroll 1936-2014 Houth & Sutton m. Rita Downy
A-----Annalissa O'Carroll m. Leonard Cawley
_______Alex Cawley
_______Devin Cawley
B------Peter O'Carroll m Freeda
_______Nicola O'Carroll b.1998
_______Mark O'Carroll b. 2000
C-----Philip O'Carroll m. Sonya
D-----Richard O'Carroll
**6) Jerome O'Carroll 1942-2013 blackrock Dublin m. Marie Burke
A-----Fiona O'Carroll m. Clancy
B-----Grainne O'Carroll
C-----Jennifer O'Carroll m McNally
D-----Lydia O'Carroll
E-----Vanessa OCarroll
4) Annie Hayes 1901-1990- never married
5) Nellie Hayes 1910 -1997 M. Jim Fahey
**1) Brian Fahey ???
**2) William Fahey b.1940 m. Margaret ? (New Jersey USA )
A-----Colette Fahey (NJ USA)
B-----Margaret Fahey (NJ USA)
C-----Rosemary Fahey (NJ USA)
BRANCH A10) Ellen Hayes(1872 - 1932) m Owen H. Ryan (Rossmore auctioneer) (8 Bridge st tipp)
1) Sr. Stanislaus Ryan Johann /Mary b.1913 -1982
Presentation convent Cashel
2) Henry (Harry) Ryan b.1914 m? (Roscrea Tipp)
**1) Donnie Ryan
3) Fr. John Peter Ryan died 1993 Kilbehenny
4) Mary Bridget Ryan b1916- m Authur Hanks ( england)
5) Michael Joseph Ryan 1919 to 1995 ( Islington London )
buried with parents St Michael's Tipp
MARY HAYES B.1828 M 19 FEB1855 to Thomas Stapleton from Hollfyord)
Branch B1) Mary Stapleton b. 1 feb 1856 ( Piperhill)
Branch B2) Thomas Stapleton b. 26 jul 1857
Branch B3) John Stapleton b. 4 mar 1859
Branch B4) Margaret Stapleton b 27 oct 1861
Branch B5)James Sapleton b. 14 jan 1964
Branch B6) Ellen Stapleton b. 15 au 1867
Branch B7) Johanna Stapleton b 19 dec 1869 Cappah
Branch B8) Michael Stapleton b. 10 mar 1872
Michael Hayes B. 1831 married feb 2 1861 to Margaret Duggan Croughmorka doon
Branch C1) Margaret hayes 1 dec 1861
Branch C2) Johanna Hayes 6 aug 1863
Branch C3) Mary hayes 13 jul 1865
Branch C4) Hannah hayes 7 0ct 1867
Branch C5) Johanna hayes 1 feb 1880
Branch C6) John Hayes 15 apr 1870-1937 m. Winifred English (1871- 1941)
1)Paddy Hayes
2) MARGARET HAYES b. 1897 m Danaher
**1) Michael Danaher
3) Emily Hayes b 1898
4) Michael Hayes
5) John Francis Hayes b. married Mary Cooke who died 1932 Cahir
2nd wife Mary Agnes Tierney
** 1) Eileen Hayes m. ? McElligott ( eileen was only child of 1st wife)
A-----Billy McElligott
B-----Eileen McElligott
C-----Paddy McElligott
** 2) Winifred Una Hayes 1933m Seamus Gillespie
A-----Breege Gillespie 1958 m Don Cameron (1956 -2011)
_______Bill Cameron 1981
_______Grace Cameron 1983
B-----Mary Gillespie 1959 unkwn spouse
______ David Joseph Gillespie 1980
C-----Una Francis Gillespie 1960 m. Michael Ward
_______Andrew Ward 1986
_______Kate Ward 1988
D-----Deidre Ann Gillespie 1962 m. Terry McCarthy then M.Todd Edward Sullivian b.1959
_______Craig mc Carthy 1990
_______Conor Seamus Sullivan 1999
E-----Eleanor Mary Gillespie 1964 m. Michael McInerney
_______Veronica McInerny 1984 m John ?
______________1) Harriet 2003
_______Jeannie McInerney 1985
F------Grainne Mary Gillespie 1968-- m ?
_______Gina sahyuna Gillespie
_______Evan Gillespie 1994
G-----Theresa Gillespie 1970 m ?
_______Tiernan David Gillespie 2001
H-----Seamus James Gillespie 1971
**3) Michael Bernard hayes b.1940
**4) Joan Monica Hayes 1941- 2013 m. Gerry Kelly d. 1999
A-----Catherine Kelly
B-----Deirdre Kelly
C-----Gerry Kelley
D-----Raymond Kelley
E-----Seamus Kelly
F-----Siobhan Kelly
**5) Fr Thomas Patrick Hayes 1923 to 2009 Calif Lodi, San Joaquin, California
**6) Elanor Mary Hayes m. Paddy Stronge
A-----Catherine Stronge m. Paul Buggy
B-----Clare stringe
C-----Eoin Stronge
D-----Martin Stronge
**7) Teresa mary Hayes 1949 m Clive Smith
A------Eleanor Smith
B------Jennifer SmIith
C------Andrew Smith
D------Michael Smith
**8) Sean Francis Hayes m. Kay Duffy
A------Catherine Hayes
B------John Hayes
C------Margaret Hayes
D-------Mary hayes
**9) Liam Joseph Hayes M. Rita McKeon
A------Conor Hayes
B------David Hayes
C-------Maria Hayes
**10) Pat Ignatius Hayes
**11) Mary Agnes Hayes m Gerard P Maher
A------Fiona Maher
B------Gerry maher
C------Kiera Maher
**12) Frank Joseph Hayes
Branch C7) William hayes 1872 30 june 1872
Branch C8) Ellen hayes 15 jul 1874 lisowen
Branch C9) Michael Hayes 15 jun 1877 lisowen
Ellen Hayes b. 1833 m Denis Ryan ( Murroe) on 31 jan 1863
Branch d1) John Ryan b. 24 oct 1863 cappanahanagh ( Murroe & Boher
Branch d2) Denis Ryan b. 21 oct 1865 Cappanouk ( Murroe & Boher
Branch d3) Mary Ryan b 6 marh 1867 Cappanouk ( Murroe & Boher
Margaret HAYES B. 1835 m John dwyer ON 20 feb 1865
Branch E1) Mary Dwyer croughmarkey 11 nov 1866
Branch E2) Patrick Dwyer 7 march 1868
Branch E3) Ellen Dwyer 30 nov 1869
Branch E4) Margaret dwyer 18 sept 1871
Branch E5) John Dwyer 2q may 1873
Branch E6) William Dwyer ---31 oct 1876
Branch E7) Michael Dwyer 2 jun 1879 crughmorka
Branch E8) Alice Dwyer b 22 apr 1875 curraghmarky curragakimikeen doon
Connor ( Cornelius) b.1838 married Margaret Hickey from Coroughlahan on Jan 28 -1873 in Kilcummin chapel Thurlas tipp
Branch F1) John Hayes 28 dec 1873 lisowen
Branch F2) Mary Hayes 29 Nov 1875
Branch F3) William Hayes 38 feb 1878
Branch F4) Margaret Hayes 10 apr 1880
Branch F5) Ellen hayes 26 mar 1882
Branch F6) Cornelius hayes 23 oct 1884
Branch F7) Hannah hayes 28 feb 1887
Branch F8) Johanna hayes 1 aug 1889
Branch F9) Catherine Hayes 28 jan 1892
Branch F10) Bridget Hayes 1894
Hanora Hayes b.1840 m Michael Egan 16 feb 1874 ( lived castlewalter newport tipp
_________can not find chIldren _______________
WILLIAM HAYES b1843 m Anne Donavan from oola new town Lived in Lisowen married 24 feb1873 )
BRANCH H1) John Hayes m Kate Ryan-Simon liven Lisowen b.13 July 1874
BRANCH H2) Patrick Hayes 20 nov 1875
BRANCH H3) Ellen( Hellen) Hayes 27 Jan 1881 m Patrick Loughman (Gurtnerga)
2 children: 1 daughter married a slattery(KILCOMMON) and son lives in NJ
Catherine Loughman b 1909
Annie Loughman b. 1910
BRANCH H4) Michael Hayes m Buckley ( glengar) b. jul 6 1877
BRANCH H5) Margaret Hayes B. 20 dec 1878
BRANCH H6) Wlliam Hayes b. 16 jun 1884 M O'dwyer main st doon --- william was a creamery manahger in Toher Doon and his descendants are known as HAYES MANAGER

Posted February 2, 2015 11:53 pm

Deirdre Rafter

I'm looking for information on a Richard Browne who left Doon circa 1880 for North County Dublin, he would have been about 14 at the time and left along with his parents , brothers and sisters to work as herds on a farm in Ballyboughal. He had a sister Helena who was in service in Rockbarton House near Bruff she followed the family to Dublin at a later stage.

Posted November 26, 2014 10:38 am

Catherine Mackintosh

What a great website. My CONNORS ancestors (John Connors and wife Ann Bourke) from Curraghakimikeen, Doon emigrated to Australia in 1874. I would love to find family still living in Doon.

Posted November 8, 2014 5:38 pm

Edward O'Grady

Hello everyone, I am researching my family history of the O'Grady's in Doon - James O'Grady and his son John O'Grady - Any information regarding information would be appreciated..Edward O'Grady

Posted August 21, 2014 11:44 am

Annie Craig

I am visiting Ireland from Australia in Sept 2014 and am looking to contact the Morrisey family from Cooga, Doon, in Co. Limerick. Appreciate anyone who can put me in touch.

Posted August 21, 2014 11:44 am

Annie Craig

I am visiting Ireland from Australia in Sept 2014 and am looking to contact the Morrisey family from Cooga, Doon, in Co. Limerick. Appreciate anyone who can put me in touch.

Posted April 10, 2014 1:13 pm

christine wheeler


I am looking for anyone who is connected to a William Wheeler he is my 3rd great grandfather and he born in Doon South approx 1810. I believe his father Thomas rent house and garden from John Henry Scott.

Any information received would be much appreciated.


Posted February 12, 2014 5:57 am

Sheila Carroll

HAYES FAMILY TREE ( most from locations in and near Doon Limerick).
I have a Hayes family tree posted on ancestry.com if you would like to view please email me CARROLL_GROUP@ME.COM and I will send you a link.

I also have some information on the Morrissey Family.
Sheila Carroll
110 East End Avenue
apt 12H
New York, New York 10028

Posted January 17, 2014 12:45 pm

Paul Ryan

To the Author,

Very appreciative of the content. An excellent resource. Just wanted to point out a typo on the following page in the second last paragraph where there is a reference to the year 1940 instead of (I would think) 1740. http://www.doonbleisce.com/The%20Great%20Frost%20in%20Ireland%20-%20%201740%20-%201741.htm


Posted December 6, 2013 2:20 pm
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hi folks with respect we are looking foor areas around doon for paranormal investigations,we believe in respectful investigatons and not to provoke or disrespect those who have passed over,if any one has unexplained bumps in the night or a story to tell or needs some explanations of noises,sighting etc please contact us,it is a free service and you will recieve a report of the activities that took place etc

Posted November 21, 2013 1:15 pm


Looking for information on the locally known area of moher in North Gortavalla. how/why it is known this way. My reason for enquiring is I have 2 baptism certificates for my FOX family from their and a 3rd listed as Gortavalla, period of time 1838 - 1847
also searching for FOX, FITZGERALD, and BENN connections i have Edmund Fox b abt 1807 married Ellen Fitzgerald b abt 1817 who is the daughter of Honora Benn B abt 1798 and Thomas Fitzgerald b abt 1786. The 3 baptisms are for 3 daughters of Edmund and Ellen

Posted November 5, 2013 9:32 pm


Hi, I am trying to locate a Michael
O Brien originally from co Kerry in Ireland who lived in Epsom Surrey in the mid 1960\'s and trained as a psychiatric nurse at westpark hospital in Epsom Surrey. I am not sure if Michael is still living or if he continued in the nursing career. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Michael would be in his mid to late 60\'s now if living. Thanks, Bernie

Posted October 17, 2013 12:21 am
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Margaret Wilkes

my great grandmother Hannah
(Honora) Brassell came to England from Limerick in 1850,her 6 brothers went America,her father was a Butcher name William Brassell,he was dead on her marriage cert. in 1853.

Posted September 22, 2013 9:52 pm

Morris Ryan

Michael Ryan, born 1778, married Bridget Crowley
Children I know of were William, Roger Rody, and Bridget Delia

My great grandfather, Roger Rody Ryan, was living in Doon prior to his departure for America in 1847.
Hope to discover relatives still living in the Doon area.

Posted September 1, 2013 10:54 am
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clare\'s wish foundation

Would any one be interested in the setting up of a Doon cycling club and do events for a new local Doon Charity also.
Cycling is huge at the moment and great way to stay fit, have some fun and fundraise while your cycling.e-mail for more details if interested.

Posted June 3, 2013 1:29 pm

sheila carroll

Researching Hayes Family Lissowen/Doon Limerick. Please contact me if you have information or would like to view my family Tree.
Sheila Carroll
email: Carroll_group@me.com

Posted June 2, 2013 2:49 am
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liam fahey

re large celtic cross
i have information on the hayes doon my mother nellie hayes was from doon and my aunt annie hayes and my aunt mary hayes uncle john hayes and uncle willie hayes. i am related to hayesn lisowen con hayes was my mothers first cousin. i have a partial tree on the hayes. my grand parents and great grand parents aRE BURIED BY THE large cross. if you need futher info contact by e mail at wfahey3538@aol.com.to sheila carroll you can contact me at 201 669-2352 as live in new jersey and also we are related . i usually travel to ireland once a year and always make atop in doon.hope to heaR FROM YOU


Posted May 21, 2013 7:21 pm

Sean Sullivan

I have posted this before but I am trying to gather information about my great grand parents, Patrick Sullivan and Ellen Barry. Their eldest daughter was baptised in Cappamore in 1861. Ellen Barry the mother appears to be born in Doon in 1838. I have found the records but I would like to review the work with a local historian. Can anybody recommend one?

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