Graveyards and Burial Sites in Doon

The graveyard or a burial site plays an important role in the cultural life of most peoples. Irish people and Doon people are no different in this. A graveyard can be a focal point in the historical life of a parish. It is a place where the ancestors of the parish have been interred, a place where burial practices may be traced back to different times, different centuries. The graveyard is often seen as the hub of the parish and offers an amenity for visitors and the diaspora searching their roots and ancestors. It is also an important place for local people to visit and remember family and friends who have moved on from this life.


In recent years an effort has been made to record the inscriptions of the headstones in many older graves, nationally and internationally.

In Doon the graves in the old graveyard were recorded and published in book form a few years ago. After this we also participated in an ongoing project of recording the images of  historic graves. This was done for the old St.Fintan's Cemetary and can be seen here.

St.Fintan's Doon Historic Graves


St.Fintan's is part of a fairly large complex of graveyards in Doon which is being added to as the years go by and continues to grow.


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